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About us

About our company

Information Technology company located in the kingdom of Lesotho, it was founded by young software engineers in january 2019, we specialize in custom software developemnt. We develop all kinds of software and maintainance services. We are highly skilled in web and mobile apps development.

Let us go to fourth industrial generation together, get AI powered solutions with low prices.

Brief History of the company

Technomath Pty Ltd - is an information technology company that was registered by law with ministry of trade, the company was founded in May 2018 inspired by UNDP Lesotho and finmark trust under LSSIM project supported by ministry of finance. Some of the founders of this company attended business and technical mentorship that was offered by Mest Afica. It was later registered in January 2019.

Our aim is to provide innovative technical solutions to our clients at all very low cost, quality is our greatest priority.